At the Top of the Network Marketing List: The Profit Game

Almost everyone you know seems to be involved in multi-level marketing that you could not help but ask if the world is actually moving around the industry’s axis.
This is actually not a farfetched idea considering that the top network marketing companies are among the world’s highest revenue and profit earners. More importantly, they are also the top providers of employment around the globe.

Popularity is no longer just the primary criteria when choosing the world’s top network marketing companies. Apparently, popularity is already part and parcel of being included in the top network marketing list but to get there, the company must have been operational for a long period of time and must have continuously provided employment to a specific number of people. Need we mention that high revenues and profits are also very important qualifications?

Check out these three companies that have made it to the top network marketing list based on their annual gross revenue and net income and you will be surprised about the sphere of influence of these companies.

AVON Products Inc.
This cosmetics company was founded in 1886, surprisingly as an offshoot of a book selling business that did not make the grade. It has now expanded into the direct selling of clothing and personal care business, but has remained a multi-level marketing company with gross annual revenue of $11.30 billion in 2011. Avon is the envy of many companies not only because of its popularity but because it earned up to $517.80 million in profits during the same period, or a per second revenue of $358.08. Not bad, for a company that promises to make every woman beautiful with its lineup of beauty products. This financial success did not only put Avon at the top network marketing list but it has also made it possible for the company to empower women all over the world. As the largest MLM company in the world, Avon boasts of more than six million sales representatives in over a hundred countries.

This Michigan-based home care and nutritional supplements company was founded in 1959 by Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel. It is included in the top network marketing list with a gross annual revenue of $9.20 billion in 2010 or a per second revenue of $291.54 during the same period. Forbes Magazine has listed Amway at the 28th spot in the list of the 2011 US largest private companies. The company sells the Nutrilite dietary supplements, cosmetics, air and water purifiers, electronics and personal care products to over a hundred countries worldwide.

This personal care and cosmetics company was recently founded in 1969 by Luiz Seabra but it has climbed the list of the top network marketing companies with up to $3 billion annual gross revenue in 2011. This Brazil-based publicly-listed company earned $445 million annual net income or a revenue of $95.07 per second during the same period. It only adopted the direct selling method in 1974 but has amassed up to 800,000 sales consultants in 2008, and has surpassed the sales of Avon in Brazil since 2006. Aside from the multi-level marketing scheme, the company has also been gaining supporters thanks to its image as a sustainable and environment-friendly company. Unlike Avon which capitalizes on celebrities, Natura features ordinary women in their advertisements.

The list of the top network marketing companies is not too long but some of those in the list have been there for a long time which suggests that these companies have sustained their marketability through the years using the direct selling system.

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