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Direct Cellars Review – What’s The Deal With This New Company?

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So if you’re on Social Media as much as I am, chances are you’ve seen some posts about a new Network Marketing company called Direct Cellars. And I’d be willing to bet that if you’re reading this article right now, you’re probably thinking about joining the company. If that’s the case, look no further. In this third party Direct Cellars review I’ll cover the important details you’ll need to know before getting involved. Here’s the best part for you… I am NOT a Direct Cellars distributor and I’m not affiliated with them at all. Now why is that good to know? Because you’ll be getting a truly unbiased view of the company. In fact, it doesn’t affect me one way or another if you join or not. With that being said, let’s dig into the information…

Direct Cellars is a Florida-based company that markets a Wine Club membership through a Network Marketing business model. In a nutshell, customers pay monthly for a membership that allows them to get two or four bottles of wine shipped to them every month. The selling point is that you’re able to get wholesale pricing on artisanal wines that you can’t buy in stores. I’m not a customer, but if you’re already a wine lover it seems like a good deal. From a marketing perspective, wine is an easy conversation to have with people. You don’t have to explain what it is, or convince people to drink it if they already do. Plus, drinking wine is a fun and social thing to do so it’s easy to see why combining it with Network Marketing makes sense. To be honest, when I first took a look at the company I really didn’t think much of it aside from admiring the simplicity of the Wine Club Membership concept. But after seeing some Industry professionals like Matt Morrow and Camaron Corr promoting it, I did a double take. If you’re a social person and you enjoy having socials, Direct Cellars might be the perfect product for you to promote.

There are several ways to make money with the compensation plan. First off, you will earn a 50% Fast Start Bonus every time you sponsor a new person into your business. For example, if you sponsor someone who join at the Premium Wine Lover Elite level, which is $500, you’ll earn a $250 Fast Start Bonus. If you sponsor someone at the Wine Lover Elite level, which is $250, you’ll earn a $125 Fast Start Bonus. In addition to the Fast Start Bonus, you’ll also earn between 6% and 20% Dual Team Pay on BV accumulated on your “lesser volume” leg, also known as your Pay Leg. These two ways are how you can make immediate income. To be clear, Fast Start Bonuses are paid on your personally sponsored people, while the Dual Pay pays out on the BV on your Pay Leg regardless if the BV comes from your personally sponsored people or people sponsored on your team by other members. It’s important to know that you can also make money if you were to get retail customers.You could also get your monthly membership waived if you get 3 active customers who have the same membership as you. The residual income component of the compensation plan is made of Unilevel Pay and Check Match. With the Unilevel Pay, you can earn between 2% and 10% on the BV accumulated on your first 9 levels. With the Check Match, you can earn between 3% and 10% Check Match on the Unilevel Pay earned by your members that fall on your first 4 levels. Overall, the compensation plan looks fair and pretty lucrative.

Should you join? Well… only you could answer that. The concept makes sense and the compensation plan looks pretty generous. It’s a young company so the risks that come along with a start-up are there. However, that’s not to say that it’s not a good company to join since having first-movers-advantage is always a good thing in business. If you do join, I would recommend taking some time to shop around for a good sponsor that you’ll enjoy working with. Make sure you find someone you like and trust, that is willing to support and train you. Having a good sponsor can make or break you, regardless of what the product or compensation plan is. Another huge factor to your success is your ability to generate leads. If you’re able to generate leads daily, you’ll have no problem sponsoring people into your business. But if you lack leads and prospects, you’ll have a very hard time making money regardless of the product and compensation plan. That’s why I recommend Attraction Marketing. If you can apply Attraction Marketing into your business, there’s no telling how big your business can get.

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How to Use Direct Response Post Card Decks as a Valuable Market Research Tool

May 26 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Market research specialists have discovered a new tool which enables them to quickly identify target market cells, measure buyer acceptance, test new product or service concepts quickly and inexpensively and survey market characteristics…the Direct Response Card Deck.

For two to four cents per contact, the researcher can now gather market intelligence from both specialized vertical markets (lawyers, doctors, etc.) or broad based horizontal markets (all marketing executives across industry lines). In addition, these same markets can now be tested in such confined geographical areas as business executives in Hawaii or professionals in Minneapolis.

Not only does the marketer overcome one of the traditional problems in research–test sizes… he or she also reaps the huge advantage of accurate measurability and accountability. Since all responses can be directed back to the research organization, market feedback is both quick and accurate.

Many firms have difficulty in obtaining statistically significant samplings through traditional channels because of budget restrictions.

It’s not uncommon for important strategy decisions to be made on the basis of sampling as few as 2,000 names out of a universe of several million potential buyers. This is risky at best. It could lead to marketing disaster based on serious sampling error, or wrong conclusions drawn from insufficient data.

With direct response card packs, it is now possible to test or survey as many as 100,000 potential buyers for as little as $2,000 or less. For the direct marketer this results in meaningful figures which are both statistically significant and forecastable.

Proper analysis of this larger sampling should result in strategy decisions which are more accurate, more meaningful, more valid, and more profitable for the direct marketer.

The ability to order and conduct true A/B (or more) split run tests of offers, prices, etc. has important implications for the creative team.

The marketing intelligence gathered through card packs can be a valuable road map to success. Critically important data, discovered through card deck advertising, can determine the answers to such questions as:

==> Have we targeted to the correct audience?

==> Is the audience responsive to the degree necessary to maximize potential profitability?

==> Do we have the right combination of offer, price, copy, graphics, headlines, terms, etc.?

==> Are the response/profit characteristics such that they justify testing such other direct response media as direct mail, space or broadcast advertising?

==> Is there potential for a variation of this product/service to be marketed to a closely related audience?

==> What is the potential for back-end profits from related item sales?

==> Are we barking up the wrong tree? Should we cut our losses now and thank our luck stars that we were able to discover, inexpensively, that we were wrong?

While the advantage of card decks as a market research tool outweigh the disadvantages, there are some restrictions you need to be aware of:

1. The card itself is small (about 3″x5″) and as such restricts your ability to test such things as long copy and multiple option offers. Some decks provide larger format sizes with the ability to do fold-over inserts which provide more space, but these options are at a substantial premium in price. The small space can work to your advantage because it forces you to limit your testing to those factors that have the most profound affect on response and profitability…i.e. offer and price, for example.

2. Color reproduction, if it is important to your product, is not always the best. The conventional .007 Hi Bulk paper stock normally used in card decks is not the best choice for color printing. Most deck publishers, however, offer a coated stock option and you may find it useful.

3. Response rates are,on the average, lower in card decks (1/4th of one percent to 1 percent) than they might be in a free standing direct mail package. On the surface this may appear to be a disadvantage. In fact it is not.

Your goal in market research/testing is to obtain statistically significant data across the broadest sampling possible…consistent with budgetary limits.

Card decks allow you to achieve this goal, precisely. It’s much better to have a 1/4th of 1% response from a 100,000 name universe (250 responses) than to have a 12.5% (250 responses) from a small 2,000 name test cell. Although the total numbers are the same, the former example gives you a truer picture of market conditions and possible product/service acceptance.

In summation, we have found that direct response card decks, if used properly, can be ideal market research tools. Card decks are inexpensive to use. They give quick accurate and projectable results. They reduce the risk of sampling error, and the resulting data is both statistically significant and inherently more valid.

There’s only one way to know for sure…test it!

┬ęCopyright 2005 Thom Reece All Rights Reserved

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The Importance of Recruiting Up in Your Network Marketing Business

May 25 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

When it comes to recruiting new people into your Trump Network business, it’s important to “recruit up” if you want to grow your business quickly. “Recruiting Up” means bringing people into your business that have certain qualities that can potentially stack-the-deck in their favor when it comes to succeeding in your business. With that said, you can never tell who will succeed or fail just from looking at them but you should still be conscious of this concept as you build your business.

In order to understand this concept, here is a breakdown of the 3 types of people you’ll come across when building your Trump Network business:

1. “The Blues” – These are people who look up to you. Typically, you’ll have a great deal of influence over them and you shouldn’t have a problem signing them into your business. The problem is they are usually “followers” and don’t have much credibility and influence in their market. They usually will lead you to other “followers”. If you spend the majority of your time working with “blues”, it won’t be long until you have an entire team of “followers” that you might have to baby-sit. Obviously, this is not where you want to be.

2. “The Greens” – These are people who are your peers. Typically, you’ll have the same economic status. You’ll find that because of your relationship with them, they may have the most questions and may be even the most skeptical. When approaching “greens”, it’s important you use 3rd party validation and/or tools to take you out of the equation. Most times, it’s more effective to 3-way an edified business partner into the conversation rather than try to answer all the questions yourself.

3. “The Reds” – These are people that you probably look up to. Typically, they may have a thread of success already in their background. Sometimes, they might already be making a high income. All “reds” have a tremendous amount of leadership qualities, credibility and influence over their market. Keep in mind, that it may be a little harder to recruit a “red”… but if you do, you’ll see your business take off quickly and it will be the most fun you’ll have building your group.

One exercise I do when I meet with a new person, or someone that I may recruit into my business, is putting their “Top 25″ list together. It’s not a complicated exercise and it can be done in 15-20 minutes. I’ll usually pull out a piece of paper, take out a pen and proceed to ask them who their 25 best prospects are so I can assess if they are someone who has a quality market… and if they are someone I want to invest time and energy into.

One time, I had someone say, “I don’t want to do this exercise because I don’t want you to see all my friends…”. I quickly replied, “I just want to see if you GOT any friends! If you’re 30 years old and you can’t rattle off at least 25 people that like you and trust you, there’s something wrong with that picture.” He got the picture real quick that he wasn’t sizing me up… I was sizing him up!

In closing, you should never pre-judge people because you can never tell who will succeed in your business. But by being conscious of the 3 types of people you’ll come across, you’ll be able to quickly assess where you should be putting the majority of your effort… if you want to grow your business FAST!

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Why Becoming A Marketing Expert Is Best For Your Business

May 24 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

The more you bombard me with your feedback that a lot of marketing strategies don’t work, the more your business will continue to suffer. You see it doesn’t matter if you tell me, your friends, your colleagues, or anybody else that marketing doesn’t work for you, it’s time to take a step back to see what it is that you can be doing to make your business a success.

So in what ways are you trying to promote your business? Are you using yellow pages, newspapers, postcards, direct mail letters, a 1-800 phone number and etc… have these strategies been more than worthwhile to do? Well depending on your niche, some of these techniques will take forever before they begin to start working. This is why you need a backup plan.

I’m sure you would much rather learn how to make your business more profitable instead of resorting back to working at a job. Trust me, I know how this feels. But if you aren’t using great marketing efforts to make your business a success… the hard reality is that you may have to resort to going back to work for a lousy $7.

It’s one thing to take this wage, but it’s another thing when the owner of the business thinks that he’s doing you a favor by paying you the disgusting wage of $7 an hour. If it was me, and I would be extremely upset, and I probably wouldn’t even try to work another job. But sometimes, going back to work is necessary because of the fact that you may have a family to support.

But back to the point at hand. If you want to have a successful and thriving business, you really need to be a marketing expert in your business. Nothing is more important than marketing your products and services. If you own a car dealership and know about the ins and outs of the car industry, and you know about the specs of every car… then great! But you will come to realize that your knowledge doesn’t mean much if you can’t get potential customers in the door.

This is what I mean when I say you need be more of a marketing expert as opposed to being a business owner who’s a lot about the trade. You may be thinking that you could just pay a marketing consultant to do your marketing for you, but you will much easily figure everything about marketing your course from books and courses on the internet. A consultant will more than likely cost you $10,000 to $15,000 depending on the services negotiated. So I wouldn’t go down that route – especially if you’re strapped for cash.

Make sure your marketing is accountable and always measure the response of your offers. Learn all that you can about marketing, and you will stand to become a titan in your niche. Plus, people will view you as the obvious expert, because once you do get them into your place of your business, all of your business knowledge about your trade will come to you – and you can tell your prospects all about the products that they are interested in.

Good luck with using this tip to improve your sales and profits today.

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Direct Mail Marketing Improvements

May 22 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

We see thousands of marketing pieces and materials in an average day in our busy lives. They come in the mail, they come to us online, on our cell phones on billboards, newspapers and magazines. It seems that every aspect of our lives is filled with the advertisements that seem to bombard our senses. There is so much marketing happening to us every second of every day that we tune most of it out. This is important for you to understand as a marketer because it lets you know that you have to become more creative in order to get results from your marketing pieces.If you don’t give most of these pieces a second glance do you think your prospect does anymore? Most likely they are even more bombarded than you and they have become pros as tuning those ads out and so when you send them another one they may not even stop to read it. This is your first goal. You need to get your prospect to stop long enough to read the material you are sending them. It can’t be dry. it can’t be the same old thing. It must be something different and eye catching. You are going to have to get creative. Fortunately there are many ways to improve your marketing.Captivating images
Let’s start with an image that will grab their attention. They are seeing smiling faces all day long. Images of beautiful places and other aspects of marketing meant to put them at ease. They know that most of these things are only there to sell something. They don’t give them a full glance before they are tossed in the garbage. Yours needs to be different. Give them a reason to read it. Give them a reason to stop and do a double take. Then give them a reason to hold on to that piece so they can give you a call back about your offer. One way to do this is with an image that looks off. Perhaps a split image with the beautiful eyes and face of a woman on the top and then split to a rough man’s chin on bottom. It takes them a moment to figure out what they are looking at. It causes them pause. There are many ways you can do something like this. I’ll give you a few ideas.Creative image ideas
Change the color of half of your image to faded or sepia tone
Make part of the image black and white and part color
Combine two faces together that almost fit but don’t quite look right
Put an image of a car on a wave or in water
Place other items in a background or location where they don’t belong

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Direct Marketing – Tips For Successful Direct Mail Marketing

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Any immediate mail plan starts with a couple of fundamental elements – a message and an audience. What have you been attempting to say and to whom have you been saying it?

Primarily the audience. Who have you been attempting to access? What typical characteristics and qualities does the actual audience share? For instance, paint businesses searching for new clients could reach all the painting contractors in Brooklyn by delivering an immediate mailer to each and every address in New York City; however these people would squander postage on lots of unqualified potential customers. Targeted immediate mail, on the other side – both postal as well as electronic – reaches a lot more select target audience and a lot more open reader.

Would it assist to have a record of names and addresses of organizations that purchased materials and products from the biggest retail paint shop in Brooklyn? How about access to a record of individuals who expressed desire in new painting items and also asked to appear at new info about those items?

Lots of mailing record providers market both pre-packaged and exclusively created directories that remedy these kinds of questions. Mailing record providers additionally market lists with demographics tailored towards the target market you wish to access. But make certain your record is qualified. As you operate your approach in narrowing your possible clients you are widening your possible clients. Having this information is finding a gold mine in the internet. The internet marketing competition is so vast and so tight that if you have no gimmicks to introduce you will be let out. And so armed with the aforementioned knowledge we are good to make money from home using direct mail to reach out to our potential customers.

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Helpful Dos and Don’ts for Direct Mail Marketing

May 21 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Whether you’re new to direct mail marketing or you’ve been using this strategy to build your business for years, there’s always room to improve your skills and get better results from your marketing efforts. While there is certainly more than one way to achieve direct mail marketing success, there are also some clear dos and don’ts you should abide by to give yourself the best chance for achieving stellar results.
Do focus on the quality of your list – Your direct mail marketing success hinges heavily on the quality of your mailing list. If your list is well crafted and made up of prospects who will truly be interested in your products and services, you have a good chance of being successful with this strategy. On the other hand, if you’re either randomly sending mailings out or have a generic, low quality list, you’ll likely end up losing money.
Don’t buy just any old list – While you’ll get the best results by building your own mailing list, the reality is that you’ll probably need to buy a mailing list to start with. But don’t just buy any old list. Make sure you get a highly targeted list from a reputable vendor.
Do take time thinking about who your ideal customer is – Do you know who you’re trying to reach? How well can you describe your ideal customer? Who is he (or she)? How much money does he make? What is he interested in? What’s his buying process? What are his values? How does he talk? What’s his lifestyle like? These are all things you need to know if you want to create marketing that connects.
Don’t send out generic, untargeted mailings – The more personalized and targeted your mailings are, the better results they’ll produce. You can’t send out a generic mailing to a diverse audience and expect to get good results.
Do track your results – You should always be measuring the ROI on your direct mail marketing. Otherwise, you won’t know if your campaign is actually profitable or if you’re wasting your money. Track your results, and always be looking for new ways to improve the performance of your mailers.
Don’t be afraid to experiment and push the envelope – You should always be looking for innovative ways to boost response rates to your direct mail. Never be afraid to try something new. You can never know what will work until you test it out.
Do hire a professional company to print your materials – If you send out poorly designed, cheaply made direct mail pieces, no one is going to take your company seriously. You’ll create a bad first impression, and your mailers will end up in the garbage. That’s why you need to hire a professional direct mail printing company to design and print your mailers. Quality matters. You want to make the best first impression you can make. Let the pros create a great marketing piece for your company.
When you stick to these tips, you’re sure to see better results from your direct mail marketing.

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Internet Marketing Service

May 19 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Is Internet Marketing a service?Well in a since I guess it is. Maybe we are marketing to a specific niche outside of the Internet Marketing (IM) community, or maybe we are marketing directly to the IM community. Either way, I’m sure you would agree that we are performing a service.I run a website about pool and billiards. You can find free fundamental training on the game, information about billiards equipment and even a chart showing how large of a room you need depending on the size of pool table you are putting in the room. Wouldn’t you agree that this is definitely a service?Many people are looking for that magic pill when it comes to making money online. What we need to understand, is that in order to make money and build a business, we have to provide value to others. Look at any business out there and you will find that they provide value to others. They perform a service.If I were to take people by the hand, help them choose a topic and product, and then guide them in setting up a profitable business, You could call it an Internet Marketing Service.What kind of service do you provide?You must remember the part about providing value to others. This is the only way to build a lasting business. We see people come along who sell flash and flare with no real value. These people may make a little money short term, but unless true value to others is provided, the business will tank.I write quite a few articles about Internet Marketing, Home based business, online marketing, pool and billiards and even Mexican Food, Italian Food and other misc. foods. (My wife and I run a frozen burrito and misc. food company.) My goal in any business which I operate is to provide indisputable value to the end consumer.Drop me a line and let me know what you are into. Leave a comment on my blog with your comments stories and questions. Good luck finding or starting a killer Internet Marketing Service.To Your Success,Ted

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Network Marketing Downline Training Strategy

May 16 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

To have a great downline you have to teach people how to become successful. I’m sure you know this. It’s one of the things that makes Network Marketing a fantastic business. But why doesn’t it work? Teaching people and helping people does work, but what exactly are you teaching them? What have you been taught? Once you learn the right information to teach people, you’re downline will explode.The old way we are taught to market just isn’t getting anybody anywhere. How did it go with your family and friends? Not so well? You are not alone. Believe it or not, 97% of Network Marketers fail to accomplish anything with this business. Why is that? Is it because people didn’t copy what they were told to do or maybe they lacked the motivation?I think everybody wants success and is willing to do what it takes. The problem is that in Network Marketing we are given a very unrealistic marketing model to follow. Seriously, If you were going to open a business on Main street would you just tell your family and friends about it then kick back and expect to retire in 5 years? Word of mouth will not make you successful.This is key: Start looking at your Network Marketing business as a business on Main street. You need to market products to a target market. Is Uncle Bob really going to be thrilled to hear your monologue on the benefits of Anti-oxidants? Or, is he going to think you lost your mind? You need to market to people that have a need for your product. Have you been taught to sell to your target market or to everybody within 3 feet?We are taught that everybody needs this opportunity. Everybody needs extra money. Everybody wants to leave their job. The truth is that most people really don’t care. Most people are not dying for an opportunity to land in their laps. Most people would rather not hear about a business opportunity. Most people would rather avoid it completely.There are 3 types of people that you market your opportunity to. People in Network Marketing, people that have been in it before, and people actively looking for Network Marketing. Everybody else is just a waste of time. Again you have to market to your target market. Has anyone told you this? Probably not. Its the norm in the industry to treat the business completely different from any other normal business. And it’s not working for anyone.The best downline training strategy you could have is teaching a system of marketing products and building a team that was actually proven to work. As I said, 97% of people fail in Network Marketing, but the other 3% hit it big. Do you think they are simply “sharing” products and opportunity, or do you think they are doing something different? You better believe they are doing something different!They heavy hitters in the industry implement a marketing strategy called Attraction Marketing. They do this primarily online. They market products and the opportunity directly to people that are looking for it. Imagine people asking to buy your product and asking to get into your business. Yep, forget chasing people and trying to convince them they need this opportunity. Instead, you Attract people to your business.How much easier would this business be if you had an unlimited supply of people that wanted to hear more about your business or product? This is what Attraction Marketing is all about. How big of a downline could you create knowing that you can give someone the tools to succeed? What if you stopped guessing and stopped teaching the old Network Marketing training and started doing what the most successful people in the industry are doing?Take your business online and start marketing directly to your target market. The best thing about Attraction Marketing is that there are hundreds and hundreds of totally free ways to advertise your business and product. Some of the best ways are free such as showing up on the front page of Google. It is possible if you have the right training.Your greatest downline building strategy will be educating yourself. Take a step back and ask yourself “Who am I learning from?” If you are happy making a little extra cash that’s fine, but if you are someone that wants to make a sustainable income or a substantial income you must market this business like the pro’s do. I have provided a link to a free 75 page e-book that will provide a detailed description of Attraction Marketing.

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Direct Mail For the Automotive Industry and Car Dealerships

May 15 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

There is a huge need for advertising in the automotive industry. In the US, the automotive sales generated a lot of income and automotive industry was a booming industry until recently when it was hit by the economic slowdown and rise in oil prices. Different car makers vied for market share that diminished as the tremendous purchasing power associated with the consumer market declined after the economic debacle. This set back increased the importance that advertising traditionally held in this business field.Dealers on an average spent huge sums annually on advertisements, a tenth of which went into direct mail marketing. Direct mail marketing is an important marketing strategy adopted by auto dealers who look to retain existing customers by periodically offering them revised rates and discounted prices on spare parts as well as first choice on buying new models that arrive. They also seek to gain new customers by flashy advertising which is personalized enough to generate interest.The good thing about cars is that people like looking at them and at pictures of them. If the car is beautiful, more often than not, you would find people staring at it and viewing its pictures in an automotive magazine with great interest. Including aesthetic pictures of new models of cars that are available for sale at the dealer’s showroom in the direct mails that are sent out, could result in increase traffic generation to the showroom. Those who are genuinely interested might pay a visit to take a look at the new models, lured in by the glossy pictures that were printed on the catalogues. It is wise to include the highest market prices for the cars. Including the prices that a particular dealership is ready to offer to a customer in order to highlight the economic advantages of doing business with them, is a great idea for boosting sales.Direct mails can also include description and pictures of genuine spare parts of older models that might be useful to existing customers. Personalizing these direct mails that are sent to existing customers would result in awakening their brand loyalty and in enticing them to pay a visit to the dealer or recommending them to a friend.The important factors to be considered while looking to market a dealership is to choose the right kind of mail list vendor. The dealer might already have a list of existing customers whom he would want to target. In addition to this, a list of individuals who might be interested in buying a car and who need to be targeted through direct mail marketing has to be made.Since these new prospective customers are not aware of the dealership and its merits, it would be a good idea for the dealers to introduce themselves and personalize the whole thing. The direct mail could be an invite coupled with catalogues and brochures. The catalogues would contain competitive prices and pictures, while the brochures for new models would contain glossy pictures that look inviting as well as detailed feature description of the models that are available.

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