Planetarium Domes: A Never-Before Way to Adopt Immersive Technologies For Your Event

With the adoption of offbeat immersive technologies, the demand for planetarium domes is increasing in different applications across industries. As of today, the approach has gone beyond the traditional concept with overhead screen projection displaying the planetary subjects and space world and used widely in industries for training, sales promotion, education, product designing/prototyping among others to optimize the event outcome. Compared to inflatable domes, most event planners prefer using geodesic domes for their unique features.

Geodesic Event Domes

Made of metal structure on the framing of interconnected heavy-duty steel powder coated or colored pipes, lightweight water and light proof durable vinyl covering, and inner projection liners, it’s an ultimate solution to represent your event while making it ‘wow’. Depending on the number of your audience, you can rent geostatic planetarium domes ranging from 10’ to 120’ and can be within 2-3 weeks depending on your dome size at almost anywhere. The unique structural concept of the domes makes them super tough, resistant to all extreme weather conditions and looks stunning.

Unique Features of Geodesic domes

Robust and Long-lasting

Followed by preplanned decking and flooring job on the specific space, forming and erecting the dome with heating and cooling process make your geostatic planetarium domes extremely robust and enduring. Once installed the dome is fixed securely with all necessary tools that make it potent enough to withstand all adverse climatic conditions including storms, snow falling, heat, and heavy showers.

Fast to Get Started

Make sure to contact experienced provides specializing in planetarium domes like geodesic ones. According to your dome requirements in terms of dimension, facets, and others, forming the structure usually takes a maximum of around 2-3 weeks to prepare for you to get started.

Uniform Air and Heat Distribution

The inner environment of the geodesic domes when made diligently can distribute air and heat uniformly throughout the setting. So, irrespective of the exterior weather condition, the central ambiance of the dome feels welcoming and cozy for your audience.

Budget-Friendly Option

one of the leading reasons why more and more businesses, educational establishments, and training centers, consider renting geodesic planetarium domes is that compared to traditional halls, it won’t need organizers to spend considerably. While they can be formed according to your necessities enabling you to customize your venue uniquely, creatively, and resourcefully, you can get the deliverable with 15-21 days based on your project type. With the rental option, you will count the highest ROI with the cost-effectiveness of the domes.

Popular Applications of Planetarium Domes


Ranging from healthcare, military, workplace, industries involved in manufacturing, etc have started employing planetarium domes to make their training programs, tactical strategies easy ingestible to the participants. The adoption of AR/VR integrated training offers a practical experience that appears difficult via traditional classroom training.


To build brand image, the use of geodesic as well as inflatable domes in gaining a large footprint in the highly competitive marketplace. Why not consider incorporating immersive technologies through dome presentation that persuade your potential consumers to understand the specialties of your product, how it can make their life relaxing, and boost confidence about your brand.

Product designing and prototyping

When it comes to product designing or developing a prototype and understanding the whole project quickly and seamlessly, there is no second choice of implementing immersive tech into planetarium domes eliminating challenges faced by the production team.

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In Great Britain, How You Serve Cask Ale Is a Matter of Regional Pride

Similar to craft beer in London, it can be found in pubs, restaurants, and sometimes homes.

When cask ale is served it must have the following qualities:

It should be warm and not too hot.
Unpasteurized. Unpasteurized beers tend to taste better than pasteurized ones.
Unfiltered. The process of filtration can strip away some flavour from beer which makes this type unique.
Naturally carbonated. This means no added CO² or nitrogen like other types like keg or brewed beer which makes it different.

Cask ale has been around for many years but only recently has grown in popularity with people who are looking to try something new or different when they go out drinking with friends. Cask ale is a kind of beer that many people enjoy drinking. It’s special because it has to be served at specific temperatures and with certain qualities in order for the consumer to truly appreciate what cask ale is all about. If these qualities are not met then this particular type of cask ale will taste completely different to consumers. It is a matter of pride in some regions of the UK and is a true testament of how to make a proper pint.

Cask ale is served in regions all across the UK including London, North England and Scotland but each region has its own way of doing it. In certain parts of Britain like Yorkshire or Newcastle, different beers that are offered at pubs must be kept on hand for specific days and times depending on what type they serve which makes this an even bigger deal. The same can be said about some parts of Wales where cask ales have been brewed since Roman times with many favouring local breweries who produce their own unique types of beer every year during the Welsh Beer Festival.

Who Are The Best Surfing Brands In The World?

surfing has definitely earned its spot in the hearts of millions of the sport’s fans around the world.

Cementing a place in the top sports activities in the world, brands would surely flock together to take advantage of the growing market of surfers. Making more researched sporting gear like wetsuits and boardshorts, down to the more casual beach-themed closing designs. Surf brands cater to the clothing and surfing needs of a large demographic, offering products for both sexes, like O’Neill Mens Pants denim and Billabong Womens Shirts.

With all that in mind, it’s time to take a closer look at which brands are trending today. In this list is a compilation of the top surfing brands in the world.


Sponsoring some of the biggest surfers in today’s day and age, some of which are regular world champions, Hurley is a force to be reckoned with in the surfing gear industry. Hurley was established in the town of Costa Mesa, California in 1979 by a man named Bob Hurley. Though now being one of the most beloved surfing brands, Hurley only started selling clothing and surfing apparel in 1999.


O’Neill is one of the original American surfing brands. They are a company dedicated to improving the quality of surfing, and improving the performance of surfers while maintaining comfortability. The latest innovations in surfing gear can be attributed to them, with products like the neoprene wetsuit, the rash guard, board leashes, and stitch-less board shorts. Though mainly a surfing brand, they also produce lots of lifestyle apparel like the O’Neill Mens pants denim.

Rip Curl

Rip Curl’s inception is at the town of Torquay, Victoria, Australia way back in 1969. Rip Curl is one of the beloved Australian surf brands out there. They are recognized internationally, and are dishing out not only surfing products, but a bunch of other stuff as well. As of today, Rip Curl has a wide array of products to choose from ranging from board shorts, wetsuits, swimwear, and other surfing gears and apparel.


Volcom is an all-rounder when it comes to board sport brands. With products catering all three major board sports – skating, snowboarding, and surfing – this younger company has earned the respect of other more established brands over the years. Volcom operates by a remarkable philosophy of brand integrity, refusing to get bought over by other bigger companies. Due to this, they are able to amass a faithful brand following ever since their establishment in 1991.


One cannot talk about surfing brands without mentioning probably the most well-known surfing brand in the world – Billabong. This legendary icon of a surfing company is one of the most respected in the industry. Billabong’s origins can be traced back to 1973 in Australia’s Gold Coast. In its early days, the company mainly sold durable board shorts, rapidly expanding and exporting to other countries in the later years. Today, Billabong is the owner of several other known surfing brands in the market. Like many others previously mentioned in this list, Billabong also ventured into lifestyle apparel, with products like Billabong Womens Shirts being one of their great clothing collections.

Tactics To Improve Nonprofit Marketing – Your Anniversary And A Marketing Communications Audit

With revenues at nonprofit organizations increasing by only 0.9 percent, to $298 billion in 2011, according to Giving USA, it is no secret how difficult fundraising has become in today’s environment. Add to that the possibilities of an upcoming fiscal cliff and the loss of tax deductions for charitable contributions and you wind up with a very daunting picture.

Your advisory board, committee members and staff all want to help, and look to organization leadership for direction. Now, more than ever, is the time to focus on the development of a meaningful marketing communications plan to profitably improve your fundraising efforts.

As you develop your plan, and evaluate various directions and opportunities, I suggest you consider two tactics that have proven successful for improving marketing ROI.

Market Your Anniversary
Your anniversary offers a unique opportunity to rekindle enthusiasm and galvanize all of your constituents to the relevance, importance and needs of the organization. It gives you the chance to tell your story, not just about your past, but more importantly, about your plans and goals for the future. And don’t think that an anniversary has to be only in multiples of 25 years. Your 33rd, properly marketed, can be as meaningful as your 50th.

Some communications tactics to consider in marketing your anniversary include creating:

An event or events to provide the maximum amount of interaction among existing and potential donors, volunteers, staff, foundations and the local community. But make sure your event doesn’t isolate your various constituencies. They want to talk to one another, not be lectured. Interaction leads to engagement.

A special theme and logo. But also consider a historical book and CD, or a one of a kind commemorative piece of artwork (that can also be used on your website). And employ a meaningful mix of both traditional and new media to create excitement.

A corporate – nonprofit partnership. Your anniversary can provide the trigger point for new collaborations with business partners, bringing in real rewards for both organizations. And these new relationships can last for many years.
These examples are just a start. But we encourage you to start thinking of your anniversary as a 12 to 18 month marketing communications program and branding tool to improve your ROI.

Conduct A Marketing Communications Audit
As was recently pointed out by Tom Buday, head of marketing and communications at Nestle, the best source of marketing communications leverage in the for profit world is the quality of the messaging. It’s not the media vehicle that does or does not deliver, rather it’s the quality of the messaging.

Applying this to nonprofits means that it is imperative for you to evaluate your program and its elements. Invariably, nonprofits employ a media mix of direct mail, events, newsletters, public relations, social media, emailing and advertising in some combination. A marketing communications audit can help you determine how your program is working as a whole, while also evaluating how each message is performing against your established objectives.

This type of audit will help you determine whether the elements of your creative approach – graphics, tone and manner, and subject manner – are working together with one clear and meaningful message. Ultimately, the results of an audit will not only improve the quality and integration of your messaging but also help you determine how your media mix and budgets should be tailored.

Whether or not you take advantage of marketing your anniversary, a marketing communications audit can make a significant difference to your programs and ROI. Doesn’t it make a lot of sense to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your programs before your commit significant dollars and time behind them?

Marketing Consultants Can Help
If you’re like most nonprofits, the majority of your time, talent and treasury is devoted to your passion for the people, programs and services you provide. The same is probably true of many of your most committed volunteers.

Given that, does your organization have the marketing and marketing communications talent and experience to develop the strategies, plans and tactics that are necessary to help you succeed in today’s environment? Trying to find this among your already overworked and underfunded staff or your volunteers doesn’t make much sense.

Your budgets are tight but can you really afford not to bring in outside help? Look for marketing communications consulting partners to help you and your team develop and execute these programs. Above all, select consultants with broad scope and extensive senior level experience across industries and brands, in both the for profit and nonprofit arenas.

Importantly, they should be media neutral, not selling one particular marketing solution, and willing to “tell it like it is” so candor will flourish. Their fresh eyes will go a long way when it comes to improving your ROI.

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